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Can Inversions Increase Happiness?

Most people that have tried inversions in one form or another will resonate with that complete feeling of relief when you turn your world upside down. The reason for this is the reverse of gravity on the body and the mind.

This feeling is greatly enhanced when you use a yoga swing or hammock to support you because you can completely let go of any tension and relax.

When you invert fully the gravitation pull on your body is reversed. Therefore, the flow of all the fluids in your body is also reversed. The circulation is improved with an increased blood flow to the brain giving it more nutrients and oxygen. This improves the brain function, allows for better clarity and focus. Therefore, the brain also produces more endorphins – our happy hormones!

Inversions also cleanse and refresh the lymphatic system, and spinal fluids helping to flush toxins for the body.

Inversion classes are not only great fun but they improve self-confidence, self esteem and of course physical strength, flexibility and muscle tone


As with anything, you can have too much of a good thing! So it is best to start slowly, begin with just 1 or 2 minutes to a max of about 7 and have someone with you, preferably a professional who is trained in inversions, in case you need assistance.

Also please be aware of your own physical health before inverting, as you would with any new fitness/exercise schedule and get advice from a medical professional if necessary before starting.

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