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Aerial Mobility. What Can It Do For Me?

Updated: May 26

Firstly, What is Aerial Mobility?

Despite it's name, Aerial Mobility is a grounded practice which does not include any full inversions. We use an Aerial Yoga hammock which is connected using only one ceiling hook as opposed to the two used during our other practices. This allows for an increase in free flowing movement. It also encourages greater lift, as the hammock will hug and support more of the body. The hammock is suspended very low to the ground so that the practitioner remains predominantly on the mat.

What to Expect During a Class

We will begin each class by centring. Preparing the mind & body for practice using breathwork & meditation techniques. We will then move through our practice, using the hammock to support, lift and mobilise different areas of the body. The practitioner will be encouraged to move through each pose or position intuitively. Tuning in to the sensations in the body and connecting with what feels good for them. Sometimes surrendering to stillness, using the breath to relax and feel into the posture and sometimes moving, gently rocking, flowing or circling through the joints in the body. The class will end with a period of guided relaxation, where there is the option to be fully suspended and cocooned in your hammock or to remain grounded laying on the yoga mat, wrapped in a warm, cosy blanket.

Who Is This Practice For?

This practice is very accessible and beneficial to a wide range of practitioners from complete beginners who have no previous experience of Mat or Air based Yoga to Intermediate and Advanced Practitioners who want explore more subtle movement in their bodies or connect body & mind on a deeper level.

How Does It Benefit My Body & Mind?

Mobilising the body, allows for the free flow of life force energy, leaving us feeling re-energised.

On a physical level, trauma that can be stored in the body can create stiffness, making us feel less mobile and more suspectable to illness, injury and pain. The hammock gently lifts and supports the body, allowing us to use gravity to create more space, to release more deeply and to open more freely.

On a emotional level, being held while gently flowing, moving and rocking helps us to not only to release physical tension but also to release emotional tension. The combination of slow, deep breathing, while flowing and releasing provides you with a safe space to reconnect with your parasympathetic nervous system, encouraging us to return to a more healing and nurturing state. Happy hormones can be released, feel good endorphins that help us to feel joy. Our heart rate slows to make us feel calm and our mind stops racing so that we may feel at peace. Our digestive system and internal organs all start to function more efficiently.

And better still, the more often we practice, the more benefit we feel. Our minds and bodies get better at releasing. We continue build and strengthen the memory of what feels good for us, until eventually, we can switch into the relaxation response automatically and with ease, even when we are not physically in the class practicing. Thus, helping us to live healthier, calmer and happier lives.

Would You Like to Experience Aerial Mobility Yourself?

Book a class here or

check out our weekly schedule page . Got any questions? You can also contact Tania for more information.

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