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What Are Bija Mantras & How are they used?

Bija Mantras or Chakra Mantras are one syllable sounds which are used in meditation. The soothing sounds create healing vibrations which stimulate each of the chakras. Each Chakra has a different sound or frequency.

Bija Mantras are also known as seed mantras. This is because when practiced you plant a seed of growth and healing. By tapping into an individual Chakras frequency, we can help to create balance in that chakra during meditation.

The one syllable sound is repeated on the exhale as you sit in meditation allowing the vibrations to flow through your body. For this reason, it is more beneficial to repeat the mantras aloud. Also, repeating them aloud gives the opportunity for any emotions to release while the mind is occupied from drifting or spiralling.

It is recommended that you sit chanting the Bija Mantra for a minimum of 5 minutes to feel a benefit but over time you might want to sit for longer to increase the power of the healing energy.

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